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, Misericórdia, Portugal


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住宅楼位于里斯本市一个非常高尚的区域,位于 Misericórdia,位于 Cais do Sodré 和 Santos 之间,里斯本设计区。


该建筑总占地面积720.08平方米,其中部署面积659.25平方米,等同覆盖面积659.25平方米,未覆盖面积63.06平方米,总建筑面积/铺装面积总面积 2,332.85 m2,全部在地上。

该建筑有两个正面,由四层组成,专供住宅使用,T2 公寓,面积从 95 平方米到 185 平方米。


一个入口可以进入面向这条街道的主体和附属主体,另一个入口也在同一条街道上,可以进入面向这条街道和另一个主体的入口,还有一个入口,构成一个专属入口到分数 D.


该建筑目前由 16 个自治部分组成,类型为 T2,除位于 O 层的部分 D 外,所有部分都拥有通过建筑物公共部分(入口核心)的通道,在转身可直达主街。


- 两个入口中庭,分别从主要街道进入,两个垂直通道核心,每个核心由楼梯和电梯组成,两个垃圾隔间,两个技术空间区域,四个 Fractions,一个类型为 T2 Duplex,三个类型为 T2,四个码为上述 Fractions 专用。

1 楼,由:
- 两个垂直通道核心筒组成,每个核心筒由楼梯和电梯组成,五个 Fractions,一个类型为 T2 Duplex,一个专供该 Fraction 和四个 Fractions 使用的院子与类型学 T2。

2 楼,由:
- 两个垂直入口核心筒组成,每个核心筒由一个楼梯和一个电梯以及四个类型为 T2 的部分组成。


- 两个垂直入口核心筒,每个核心筒由一个楼梯和一个电梯以及三个类型为 T2 的部分组成。

此房源距国会大厦和 EDP 总部约 300 米,距火车站和地铁站以及里贝拉市场 500 米。

Luis Abrantes
Versatile Hall Montijo Setúbal - 房地产代理
与 AMI 14802

如果您想使用住房信贷 - 联系我们 - 我们还免费处理整个银行融资流程,让您有可能享受市场上最好的融资条件,我们提供信用中介服务葡萄牙银行的注册号 0004264。


Residential building is located in a very noble area of the city of Lisbon, in Misericórdia, between Cais do Sodré and Santos, the Lisbon design district.

The original tile present on the facades, definitely marks the personality of this building, with extremely spacious and bright apartments, with timeless elegance and unique finishes.

The Building occupies a land with a total Area of 720.08 m2, with a Deployment Area of 659.25 m2, with an identical Covered Area of 659.25 m2, and an Uncovered Area of 63.06 m2, with a Total Gross Construction Area / Pavement Surface of 2,332.85 m2, all above ground.

The building has two fronts and consists of four floors and is intended for an exclusively residential use, with T2 apartments, from 95m2 to 185m2.

The building has two Bodies and also an Annex Body that develops inside the block and three distinct entrances.

An entrance that gives access to the body facing this street and the Annex Body, another entrance also by the same street, which gives access to the body facing this street and another, and yet another entrance, which constitutes an exclusive entrance to Fraction D.

The Building has two vertical access cores, each consisting of a staircase and an elevator, guaranteeing one the access to eight Fractions and the other the access to 7 Fractions, in both cases from Floor O to Floor 3.

The Building is currently composed of sixteen autonomous Fractions, with Typology T2, having all the Fractions, with the exception of Fraction D, located on Floor O, own access through common parts (access cores) of the Building, which in turn have direct access to the main street.


Floor O, composed of:
- Two Entrance Atriums, with access from the main street respectively, two vertical access cores, each consisting of a staircase and an elevator, two garbage compartments, two spaces for the Technical Areas, four Fractions, one with typology T2 Duplex and three with typology T2 and four yards for exclusive use of said Fractions.

Floor 1, composed of:
- Two vertical access cores, each consisting of a staircase and an elevator, five Fractions, one having a typology T2 Duplex, a yard for exclusive use of this Fraction and four Fractions with typology T2.

Floor 2, composed of:
- Two vertical access cores, each consisting of a staircase and an elevator and four fractions with typology T2.

Floor 3, composed of:

- Two vertical access cores, each consisting of a staircase and an elevator and three fractions with typology T2.

This property is about 300 m from the National Congress Building and EDP Headquarters, 500 m from the train and metro station and the Ribeira Market.
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Consult me,
Luis Abrantes
Internal reference: 019.688.021
Versatile Hall Montijo Setúbal - real estate agency
with AMI 14802

If you want to use Housing Credit – contact us – we also take care of the entire bank financing process, free of charge, giving you the possibility of enjoying the best financing conditions in the market, we have credit intermediation services with the registration number 0004264 at Banco de Portugal.




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